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Getting the look. Finding the fair.

   The big thinkers in The Buffalo News Opinion corner think some more about the future of Canal Side and, before it's too late, have a fond thought of America's Fair.

- Getting the right look - Buffalo News Editorial
   The devil is always in the details. Canal Side’s leadership, in its understandable rush to locate a new HSBC bank building on the waterfront’s Webster Block in order to help keep a major employer in Buffalo, Hsbchongkong looked for its initial design concept to buildings erected in Manhattan more than a century ago to slaughter cattle, sheep and hogs.
   The Manhattan architect was not identified. His heirs probably would not want him identified. Buffalo needs better. ...
   Buffalo also is a city with a rich architectural heritage. Here, in the decades around the turn of the last century, Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, H. H. Richardson, Daniel Burnham, Louise Blanchard Bethune and Eliel and Eero Saarinen produced some of their finest designs, work so superb that the city now is identified with excellence in period architecture. ...
   As Buffalo’s largest private employer gets larger and more dominant, as it will if it locates its regional headquarters here, it needs a new building with a design that will win recognition and acclaim. That’s what the bank received when it built its new headquarters in Hong Kong [right] not so long ago, and it is entitled to do no less in Buffalo. The opportunity to combine design and heritage is there on the waterfront; so is the challenge, and the bank and Canal Side should accept it.
   Other waterfront news:
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- Final days at the fair - Buffalo News Editorial
   The 171st Erie County Fair, which began Aug. 11 and runs through Sunday, offers a great way to celebrate summer. Western New Yorkers long have known this—it’s why the fair is an annual tradition, and one that it’s fun to introduce to newcomers....
   A fair-centered vacation doesn’t require plane fare, and with children 12 and under free it’s a great way to spend some family time. As far as “staycations” go, the fair is a winner. Enjoy your weekend!

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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