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Hey, we made The Times

   The other day I was on about former New York City Mayor Ed Koch visiting us at The Buffalo News.

   This morning's New York Times has an interesting story about Ed's Excellent Adventure Upstate. It is Kochsnewcampaig-56165-001 more about the colorful politician than it is about Upstate. Or even about Koch's cause.

- Koch, at 85, Wages a New Campaign - Javier C. Hernandez/The New York Times
   BUFFALO — Edward I. Koch, 85 years old, thirsty for a Dairy Queen milkshake and ready for a nap, was fuming.
   “Throw the bums out!” Mr. Koch, the former mayor of New York City, shouted from the steps of a city hall 400 miles from his Greenwich Village home. ...
   Leaving The Buffalo News, he suggested a visit to the Erie Canal. When an aide motioned in the general direction of the famous waterway, Mr. Koch declared, “I’ve seen the Erie Canal, and now we can go back to the hotel.”

      A companion slide show has a photo of Koch meeting with The Buffalo News Editorial Board. But, in case you were wondering, the other people in the photo are not Buffalo News folks. They are part of Koch's posse. We're all much better looking. But, no, nobody has fixed those clocks for a long time.

- Koch’s new campaign delineates ‘heroes,’ ‘enemies’ of state reform - Robert J. McCarthy/The Buffalo News
- Calling out the enemy - Bob McCarthy/The Buffalo News
   [Yes. He's Robert J. McCarthy on the news pages, and Bob McCarthy in the Viewpoints section. Friendlier that way.]
- Make Albany reform campaign even more visible - Rochester Democrat & Chronicle Editorial
   Former Gov. Mario Cuomo and former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani must do more than sign on as campaign trustees. Just as former Presidents George G.W. Bush and Bill Clinton teamed up to raise millions after the tsunami, a Koch, Giuliani and Cuomo team could do likewise.

   Hey. I didn't know that other photographer was from The N.Y. Times. You can't let him in here. He'll see everything! He'll see the Big Board!   

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News
[Photo of Ed Koch in Buffalo by Derek Gee/The Buffalo News]


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