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Why is she still here? ...

    It's fish-in-a-barrel day for the fault-finders of The Buffalo News Opinion corner:

- Brown must oust Thomas - Buffalo News Editorial
   Mayor Byron W. Brown's inaction in the face of Human Resources Commissioner Karla L. Thomas' incompetence in managing her department is disgraceful and a mark on his term as mayor. Thomas' flaw Karlathomas was her inaction in stopping errors; Brown is making the same mistake in not fixing this problem.
   [Number rises to 170 for dead workers city insured - Buffalo News 8/18/10]
   Thomas was not qualified to begin with, and got the job through the mayor and political allies. If that was not bad enough, when she was called on the carpet to fix flagrant errors she was ultimately responsible for, she proved derelict and did not fix them even though she was told exactly what to do.
   Any defense that underlings undercut her is no defense at all; it's an argument for the firing of the underlings as well as of the manager who supposedly didn't realize for seven months that she was being undercut....
   If there is a civil service hurdle in dismissing Thomas, the mayor should explain it to the people, start the process to clear that hurdle and then use his skills to see that the problem does not result in an unqualified individual, making $91,374 a year, still at the public trough. As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "The time is always right to do what is right."
- Thomas should go - Buffalo News Editorial 8/18/10 


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