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... Revving up the vacuum.

- Nature provides a vacuum - Buffalo News Editorial
   It’s no good to rely on creatures at the bottom of the food chain to make up for errors made at the top of the corporate ladder. But it does appear that a certain kind of ocean-going bacteria knows its business better than the people who were supposed to be guaranteeing the safety of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig.
   [New microbe discovered eating oil spill in Gulf - Buffalo News 8/25/10
   Of course, that’s the way it is with microbes and men. The tiny creatures are about one thing — finding Oileaters something to eat. The big men are about something else — finding someone else to blame.
   [Report: BP probe faults employees on Gulf blowout - Buffalo News 8/30/10
   Even as the various investigations of the causes of the April 20 explosion at the BP drilling project continued in recent days, bringing more revelations of carelessness and finger-pointing, the necessarily oversimplified reports of scientists looking into the disaster’s results provided a glimmer of hope that the earth may not be as defenseless as we had feared. ...
   Loosing a large colony of oil-eating microbes on the next oil spill, then, might also create what’s called a hypoxic dead zone — though work being done on the oil spill area now suggests that side-effect is little seen.
   So far, then, the promise of an elixir that cures all manner of oil spills remains science fiction.
   The facts, still emerging, continue to suggest that greedy corporate executives were seeking profit while off-loading responsibility. Those people failed to build the kind of safety regime that would seem basic for any company or companies that, one would normally suppose, would prefer that their multibillion-dollar investments not be blown to bits before the world’s — and their stockholders’ – eyes.
   Apparently, corporations will not behave in such a common-sense manner unless we, by law, require them to.
    [Wish I could claim that headline. It was the chief's brainstorm.] 

It could have been worse - Pensacola News Journal Editorial
   The bottom line: We can't trust the oil industry to police itself.
- New Orleans is counting on the Obama administration to deliver for our future - New Orleans Times-Picayune Editorial
- Oil spill fix is looking slippery - Northwest Florida Daily News Editorial
- BP claims process sure to be long ordeal - Tuscaloosa News Editorial
- Let them eat fish - Charlotte Dennett/The Huffington Post

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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