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Tea Party: The Day After

   You can read any number of detailed, expert, deeply sourced examples of political reporting featured in the news pages of today's Buffalo News.
   Or you can just stop by the Opinion corner and have it all boiled down into two succinct essays [and one even more succinct cartoon]:

- Paladino triumphs - Buffalo News Editorial
   Carl "mad as hell" Paladino did it. He scored enough votes -- way more than enough votes -- from the "mad as hell" tea party and otherwise apathetic crowd to trounce Rick Lazio in Tuesday's Republican Adamiwon gubernatorial primary. Who would have guessed? Well, besides Paladino.
   Obviously not Lazio, whose dismissive, almost laid-back approach to Paladino cost him in the end. The former congressman apparently never saw it coming. But his opponent knew exactly how to tap into voter anger and anxiety over big government, taxes and an all-too-easy target of Albany dysfunction. ...
   Walking away with 67 percent of the vote, Paladino plainly tapped into a rich vein of voter frustration. Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic nominee for governor, may seem to have an insurmountable advantage, but that's what Lazio thought, too. It won't be hard for Paladino to portray Cuomo as the Democratic-establishment-son-of-Mario candidate. ...
   The question now is who has the better program with the better chance of success: Cuomo the insider with a reform plan or Paladino the flame-thrower with his own reform agenda? Voters have less than two months to decide.

- Off with (all) their heads - Buffalo News Editorial
   A funny thing happened to the establishment Republican Party on its way to a smooth off-year, anti-incumbent surge into state and national office.
   In races from Alaska to Delaware, Republicans with the support and in the image of the party’s mainstream have discovered that, in the eyes of a great many voters, they just aren’t revolutionary enough to satisfy the small but deeply motivated electorate that shows up on Primary Election Day. ...
   But, then, New York’s mainstream Republicans have long played a dicey game with voters. They happily shoveled along unfunded mandates, played footsie with special interests and worried more about their re-elections than public service — just like Assembly Democrats. Paladino’s overwhelming victory may have come as a shock, but it can hardly be surprising that the party’s primary-election voters had had enough. ...
   But it wasn’t just Republicans who suffered at the hands of voters demanding change. In Democratic primaries in Western New York, voters threw out a couple of long-established officer-holders, Sen. William T. Stachowski of Buffalo and Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte of Lewiston. Assemblyman Sam Hoyt of Buffalo barely hung on to his seat. All were closely associated with their chamber’s dysfunctional leadership. The chickens are coming home.
   Voters crave choices. They’d prefer good choices, between two valid, but different, sets of political ideas and principals. But if the main crop of challengers looks too much like the same old stuff, then candidates who do offer a real difference, even a dangerous one, will rush in to fill the void.

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   Some 30,500 Republicans have embarrassed the dickens out of the state of Delaware by voting for a candidate who has no chance of winning the general election, is a verifiable liar and cheater with no known means of employment other than her campaign money and has nothing to claim as a campaign platform other than whatever the tea party stands for.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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