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Affirmative action in editorials

   It is a tradition for the deep thinkers in The Buffalo News Opinion corner, after we have published an editorial endorsing a candidate for a big-ticket office such as president or governor, to find another newspaper's editorial backing the other candidate and publish that, too.
   We did that today. We had to look around a bit to find it.

- Carl Paladino for Governor - New York Sun Editorial
   ...  It doesn’t take a double-blind study to see that Mr. Paladino is politically inexperienced and has his personal flaws. But it is also the case that he is the candidate who more clearly comprehends the Newyorksun catastrophe that has engulfed the state and more faithfully hews to the principles of political economy that will have to be at the center of any effort to turn it around. ...
   Though Mr. Paladino recognizes it would be a difficult fight, he evinces the grit that will be needed to maximize that advantage. He has budget goals and a timeline of governance. He has an upstater’s sympathy for those stranded by the kind of desolation that has been created by the tax-and-spend policies of the Democrats. He insists he wants but one term and intends, thereafter, to go back to his business. There is no doubt that the received wisdom is that the campaign is at a point where Mr. Paladino is going to lose no matter what happens — so that the better strategy is to endorse the likely winner. It’s the same thinking that got us Governor Spitzer. So we recommend a vote on the merits for Mr. Paladino.

   All of the other editorials we have been able to find have been of this variety:
-  Cuomo for Governor - New York Times
-  Waiting for (a) superman - New York Post [endorsing Cuomo]
-  Andrew M. Cuomo for Governor - Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
-  Cuomo offers hope for improvement - Glens Falls Post Star
-  Cuomo for governor - New York Daily News [Aug. 29!]

- Paladino's home paper endorses Cuomo in guv race - AP/Wall Street Journal
   Not that it made much difference:
- 'Hometown boy' Paladino leads in local poll - Robert J. McCarthy/The Buffalo News

- Paladino to Tancredo: 10 Wingnuttiest Governors - John Avlon/The Daily Beast
   Actually, it should be the 10 Wingnuttiest candidates for governor. 

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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