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Cast the vote. Reach for the deal.

   The cheerleaders in The Buffalo News Opinion corner today pick a favorite in the 58th District State Senate race and hope for the best with the possible addition of a $1 billion - or maybe $4 billion - Verizon data center in Niagara County.

Quinn for State Senate - Buffalo News Editorial
   In what might otherwise be a much closer decision, one factor stands larger than the others in the 58th District State Senate race between Tim Kennedy and Jack Quinn: the New York State Legislature Quinnsassembly desperately needs balance in its composition. That means the Senate should revert to Republican control and that, in turn, means that in a race between two competent candidates, the nod goes to Quinn ------>. ...
  Quinn’s election could also, as already noted, make the difference between Democratic and Republican control of the Senate, and while we believe restoring a GOP majority to be in taxpayers’ interest—for starters, the Senate’s Republican caucus would be centered upstate—we say that with our fingers crossed. The Republican Senate was firmly behind every bad decision made over the course of decades.
   Republicans claim to have learned their lesson, but on that score, New Yorkers can only hope.What they know is that Democrats have forfeited the right to leadership in the Senate.
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Reach for the deal - Buffalo News Editorial
   The possible construction of a Verizon Communications data center in Niagara County following the company’s tax break application has residents talking, and no wonder. Coming on the heels of Yahoo’s arrival, the prospect of another high-tech employer in Niagara County is attractive, indeed.
   Due diligence is necessary but the goal must be to make this deal work. The costs per job may be high, when all of the incentives are tallied, but New York State has no choice if it wants to bring in new businesses.
   Already, the process is morphing. At one point, Verizon was talking about making $4.5 billion worth of investment in 10 years and groundbreaking by mid-November, but the development timetable appears to be slowing. Instead of building three giant data pods at once, Verizon reportedly intends to build one right away with the others coming later.
   Still, that amounts to a $1.12 billion project with 145 jobs projected by the end of 2014 at a reported average of $85,000 a year. Beyond that, officials believe that economic spinoff would create other activities from suppliers, transportation, restaurants and perhaps even other data centers. ...
   The Niagara County Industrial Development Agency has scheduled a public hearing on the Verizon package for this Wednesday in Somerset Town Hall. It is expected to vote on the matter a week later.
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- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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