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Comptroller recommended. Controls needed.

   With just a few days left before the election, the great mentioners in The Buffalo News Opinion corner offer another recommendation, this one for state comptroller. We also take a very dim view of a set of circumstances that demonstrate why states need the kind of oversight provided by comptrollers -- and inspectors general.

Wilson for comptroller - Buffalo News Editorial
   New Yorkers are fortunate this year to have two solid candidates for state comptroller. Either, we Wilsoncomptroller
believe, would do a good job, but we lean toward the Republican challenger, Harry Wilson [right].
   It’s not just that Wilson, a newcomer to electoral politics, has a potent financial resume that recommends him for the job, though that is obviously important. At least as significant is the broader view he holds of how to make the office work on behalf of New Yorkers, the nation’s highest-taxed citizens. That approach to the job, together with a demonstrated ability to work in bipartisan fashion behind the scenes, could create a potent new force in the fight to restore fiscal sanity to this broken state.
   Wilson is running against the incumbent, Democrat Thomas DiNapoli, whose own record demands respect. ...
   Yet elections ultimately are forward-looking. Which candidate can better meet the challenges anticipated over the next term? Which has the better chance of leaving his office —and the state—better than he found it? When such questions form the test, we believe that while DiNapoli would continue his strong performance, Wilson would bring a different and important dimension to the task of overseeing the state’s finances.
For New York Comptroller - [Wilson] - New York Times Editorial
For state comptroller: Harry Wilson - New York Post Editorial
- Harry Wilson for state comptroller - Rochester Democrat & Chronicle Editorial
Our recommendation for state comptroller [Wilson] - The Journal News

What’s worse than intolerable? - Buffalo News Editorial
  New York State Inspector General Joseph Fisch has seen it all in the 50 years he has served as an investigator, prosecutor and judge in Albany and New York City.
   Yet even he was “outraged and saddened” by what he found as he burrowed into the cesspool of pay-to-play associated with a since-canceled deal to give a multibillion-dollar casino license to an outfit that apparently did not earn the contract so much as buy it.
   The report shows just how poorly equipped the state is to make major decisions in a way that benefits the overstressed taxpayers rather than their tin cup-rattling elected officials. A whole new way of awarding contracts, one that leaves out the fund-raisers, is absolutely necessary if the state is to have the confidence of either its citizens or of those businesses that may wish to offer their services in the future.

 -- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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