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Endorsement season

   OK. We've just about wrapped up our list of Editorial Page endorsements for the 2010 election. Does that mean we can stop watching all those horrible TV commercials now?

Donovan for AG - Buffalo News Editorial
   The race for New York State attorney general this election is the difference between an experienced Donovan Democrat who has spent 12 years in the State Senate and leans to the left and a right-leaning Republican district attorney from Staten Island.
   For a variety of reasons, this page endorses Staten Island Republican Dan Donovan. ...
   Free of the Albany specter, Donovan should be better able to act independently and, as he has promised, fight public corruption. The attorney general, whose office primarily defends the state, must be above reproach as he's rooting out corruption by others, and Donovan must live up to that pledge, as well. ...
   State Sen. Eric Schneiderman, well meaning and with a history of public interest work, has served in the same dysfunctional Albany system that he says he has tried to clean up as a self-proclaimed reformer. ... his ability to truly be an independent voice after having been so long a part of the system is at least questionable.

   The view among opinionistas is not unanimous:
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-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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