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Other choices to make

   Only 8 days to Election Day. Or, put another way, only 9 days to No More Campaign Ads Day.
   Don't be too hard on yourself if you forgot that the entire U.S. House of Representatives is up for election this year, too. The races in our neck of the woods haven't generated that much heat. But there are choices to be made. Here are ours.

Two solid incumbents - Buffalo News Editorial
   ... it would seem no incumbent would be safe in the upcoming Nov. 2 general election. Yet some incumbents earn their keep. So it is with two Western New York representatives whom The News enthusiastically endorses, along with an Afghanistan veteran running for an open seat. Another, Rep. Chris Lee, R-Clarence, has had a strong first term, but is running unopposed.
  27th District: Brian Higgins
  Incumbent Brian Higgins has taken on major fights using conventional and unconventional means for Louiseandbrian the betterment of Western New York. Most notable has been his work on demanding and securing for this area hundreds of millions of dollars for many years from the New York Power Authority that is now financing the redevelopment of Buffalo's waterfront. ...
   His Republican challenger, Alden businessman Leonard A. Roberto, is well intentioned in his effort to address what he terms an economic tsunami. He's frustrated with the country's debt, which he says will be passed down for generations. He's right, and Higgins -- should he win the race -- needs to become a leader in addressing that problem.
  28th District: Louise M. Slaughter
   Louise M. Slaughter has served 12 terms in office and, as this page has said in the past, she deserves another. ...
   Her challenger, Dr. Jill Rowland, a Buffalo dentist, echoes much of the tea party movement frustration about the country's direction, pointing back to what she deems as failures of the Obama administration. Rowland has been vociferous in her criticism of the national health care reform plan as well as the country's indebtedness, primarily to China.
  29th District: Matthew Zeller
Vying for the position are Matthew Zeller, a Democrat and Afghanistan war veteran from Victor, and former Corning Mayor Tom Reed, a Republican. And although Reed is outpacing his opponent in terms of finances and apparent party support, we believe Zeller is the stronger choice.

Chris Lee - Rochester Democrat & Chronicle Editorial
   Lee is being challenged by Democrat Philip Fedele, who is running a low-budget, near non-existent campaign. It may be that Fedele realizes that Lee, who succeeded retiring Rep. Tom Reynolds, a fellow Republican, has one of the safest GOP districts in the country.
Louise Slaughter for 28th District - Rochester Democrat & Chronicle Editorial
Slaughter a clear choice in 28th District - Gates Chili Post Editorial
- Tom Reed for 29th District - Rochester Democrat & Chronicle Editorial

- George Pyle/The Buffalo News
[Photo: Reps. Louise Slaughter and Brian Higgins]


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