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A shot across the bow - Buffalo News Editorial
   While the dust has not completely settled over the State Senate, most of the Assembly Democrats were able to maintain their incumbency, but not without sustaining a noticeable flesh wound.
   [Control of State Senate lies in three races - Buffalo News]
   Assembly Republicans picked up seven seats with another three or four still undecided. The minority Cuomovictory party could wind up with 48 to 50 members, possibly a little more after picking up seats from Western New York to Long Island.
   The effect was substantial in positioning the Republicans to overturn the current super-majority. The pickup sends a clear message that Assembly Democrats will have to start rethinking their votes and policies.
   Moreover, given the contradiction of Andrew M. Cuomo’s election as a reform governor and the Assembly’s stubborn devotion to the status quo, Democrats must recognize that they need new leadership. Locally, voters must demand that Erie County Democrats Sam Hoyt, Mark Schroeder and Robin L. Schimminger vote for someone other than Sheldon Silver as speaker. ...
   This election has shown that voters are willing to make comfortable incumbents pay the ultimate price. More bills may yet come due.
- Sorry state of campaigns reflects on us - Rod Watson/The Buffalo News
   Our long local nightmare is over— and I miss it already. I miss it because looking back is a lot more fun than looking forward. The campaigns provided some of the best comic relief we’ve had in years.|
   The governing? Well, that’s another story. ...

   - John Sampson and Dean Skelos must move state Senate forward to bipartisan cooperation - New York Daily News Editorial
   The reality is that neither side has won, or will win, a majority solid enough to run the Senate in Albany's usual winner-take-all fashion, with one party claiming all the trappings of power and the other dished up crumbs.
    Which is why - no matter how the chips fall in disputed races - the house must be managed for what it is: a legislative body that's functionally split down the middle.
- Republican victories now balance the power - Poughkeepsie Journal Editorial
Andrew Cuomo must start now on Albany reforms - Rochester Democrat & Chronicle Editorial
- Cuomo brings high expectations back to Albany - Westchester Journal News Editorial

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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