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Endorsement wrap-up

  One of the nice things about being an editorial writer is that, unlike all those TV ads people have been flooded with the last few weeks, when real live political candidates come to visit with us, they are always on their best behavior. Many of them have been by in the last month or so, courting the Editorial Board for our endorsements.
   It is a lot of work, but also the best way of gaining some understanding of just who these people are and what they want to do.
   We have discharged that duty for another year.
   Tomorrow, it's your turn.

-  Vote Tuesday - Buffalo News Editorial
   One of the most bizarre campaign seasons in memory will end tomorrow and voters will have to decide on the next governor, federal and state legislators and various local offices.
   It is vital that every registered voter take part in the process in deciding whether New York’s next governor will be State Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo or Buffalo businessman Carl P. Paladino. Or, whether the State Senate will, indeed, swing back toward a Republican majority.
   Key seats remain up for grabs, including judicial, county clerk and other local offices. The News has not endorsed in all races, but it is important that voters also do their own due diligence in deciding the best candidates to deliver solutions.
   This campaign season has revealed the depths of voter frustration and outright anger at a system that favors the politically connected to the detriment of constituents. The “tea party” has tapped into that outrage and has offered various candidates throughout the country from which to choose.
   Elections always produce some degree of change. How much, and in what direction, are determined in part on how many people take the time to vote. It’s not only our duty, it’s in our own interest.
   The News has offered its own opinions on a selection of candidates. This guide is meant to recommend, not require, as voters make independent and personal decisions.

   Governor: Andrew M. Cuomo [editorial] [website]

   State Attorney General: Dan Donovan [editorial] [website]

   State Comptroller: Harry Wilson [editorial] [website]

   U. S. Senator: Charles E. Schumer(i) [website]

   U.S. Senator [partial term]: Kirsten E. Gillibrand (i) [editorial] [website]

   Congress, 27th District: Brian Higgins (i) [editorial] [website]

   Congress, 28th District: Louise Slaughter (i) [editorial] [website]

   Congress, 29th District: Matthew Zeller [editorial] [website]

   State Senate: 58th District: Jack Quinn [editorial] [website]

   County Clerk: Kathy Hochul (i) [editorial] [website]

(i) denotes incumbent



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