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The morning after

   The instant analysis crowd in The Buffalo News Opinion corner today allow themselves to be a little bit hopeful that New York's new governor can turn things around.

- Cuomo’s task - Buffalo News Editorial
   The governor’s honeymoon begins for Andrew M. Cuomo. Given all that he wants to accomplish, it Itsandy may be short.
   Cuomo has done something far different from any politician before him. He has published a remarkable eight volumes of books touching on almost every issue of importance in great detail. His proposals are significant, but they all must travel through the Legislature, including Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. We will see if Cuomo’s approach to reasoning with Assembly members enables him to achieve his goals. ...

- Cuomo faces heavy lift in fixing Albany - Donn Esmonde/The Buffalo News
  So now it is Andrew Cuomo's turn.
   It is his turn to be frustrated. It is his turn to be marginalized. It is, and I hope I am wrong about this, his turn to fail. ...
Congratulations. Now, get to work - Albany Times-Union Editorial
- The Cuomo Factor: NY’s next governor must spend his capital wisely - Syracuse Post-Standard Editorial
- Cuomo's challenge - New York Post Editorial
- Cuomo must confront the special interests - E.J. McMahon/The New York Post
- Cuomo can't wait even a day to start cleaning up the Albany mess - New York Daily News Editorial 
- Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver wins unopposed, but NY loses if he does not step down - Bill Hammond/The New York Daily News
Albany incumbents must realize voters still want major reform - Rochester Democrat & Chronicle Editorial
   ... Come January, there may not be many new faces in the Legislature, but there must be different and better results.
- After the vote Watertown Daily Times Editorial
   ... We need more civility in our politics and an overarching desire to work for the greater good. We can do better.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News


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