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Great wordsmith retires

When it comes to our former editorial page editor, Mike Vogel, none of us really knows where to start. He was, is and always will be a friend, first and foremost.  

Mike As many readers have learneded through News Editor Margaret Sullivan's recent Sunday column, Mike has retired. His departure coincides with that of several colleagues, all of whom will be missed in the newsroom.

For those of us here among the nameless and faceless in the opinions department, Mike will be especially missed. He brought the highest level of professionalism to the job and, more important, he brought his sense of humanity. We strive to live up to the journalistic legacy he's created.

Part of that history can be found in the Viewpoints cover piece in today's Buffalo News, in which he gives a fascinating account of his sometimes adventurous career. Mike's writing, just like the man, is always a pleasure.

We expect readers will get as much enjoyment from hearing what our friend has to say as we did.

Thanks, Mike!


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