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Back by popular demand

I've been blogging more than 2 1/2 months and still figuring out what people want to read. I wrote a post Sunday about off-shore drilling not expecting it would make the best-seller's list. But it generated more traffic and reader comments than almost anything I've written. Go figure.

So, I offer up another off-shore drilling ditty, this one courtesy of the New York Times. It's a smart read on the politics behind the issue, and the issue itself.

"Republicans want to end the 27-year ban on offshore drilling along much of the nation’s coastline, while Democrats want to force companies to speed up exploration in certain offshore areas that they already control ...

"But oil experts say that neither approach will give drivers any relief in the short run from prices that stood Wednesday at nearly $4.07 a gallon, on average. They say the simple reality is that no one knows how much oil is to be found offshore, how difficult producing it would turn out to be or how many years that might take.

"And oil companies, amid a global drilling frenzy, are stretched so thin they will be hard-pressed to take on big new projects anytime soon. More than 400 major drilling and production projects are competing for engineers, rigs, seismic equipment and steel to build platforms, and the costs of doing the work have skyrocketed."

Meanwhile, if you're hellbent on finding gas for the cheapest price, try this site. Among the thing you'll find out is we're paying, on average, $4.25 per gallon, vs. $4.07 nationwide. Our prices range from $3.91 on the Seneca reservation to $4.39 at a Mobile in Blasdell. Me, I'm sticking with the gas station a couple of blocks from my house. No matter what, we're going to get abused at the pump; no purpose in going out of the way to pony up.


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