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Kelley was fired

Neither Gov. Paterson nor outgoing NYPA President Roger Kelley are talking about the latter's surprise resignation over the weekend. As many suspect, Kelley was essentially fired, two sources with connections to state government have told me.

Kelley, they said, agreed to step down only after being told Friday that he had two choices: quit or be fired. Both sources said the governor's demand came out of left field. One described Kelley as "shocked," the other as "dumbfounded" by Paterson's demand.

Meanwhile, the New York Post is continuing to squawk about the prospect of Richard Kessel succeeding Kelley. Writes columnist George Marlin:

"If he goes ahead with this appointment, Paterson will be sending a clear message to Upstate: Drop dead."

Apparently, some state legislators agree. The Watertown Daily Times reports today that a number of lawmakers are expressing reservations about Kessel.


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