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Now we know

On Friday's blog, I posed the question: Whither Roger Kelley?"

On Sunday, an odd day for an announcement, Gov. David Paterson's office gave us the answer: Out the door.

Paterson's press operation announced Kelley had resigned, effective Aug. 1. No reason was given.

Kelley has been on the job a year, a position he owed to former Gov. Eliot Spitzer. Much like the recent departure of Dan Gundersen as upstate economic develop czar, this may be a matter of the new governor wanting to his own people in key positions, and the head of the power authority is a key position. NYPA is one of the state's largest authorities and a portion of its revenues are used to pay for a lot of subsidy programs that used to, or might otherwise, be the financial responsibility of state government.

While the authority had not become more Western New York friendly under Kelley's tenure, my sense, in dealing with NYPA staffers over the past year, is that he was well regarded within the ranks as a businesslike professional.


Economic Development
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