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Ready to sue

Call them what you want: subsidies, incentives, grants. Lee Bordeleau calls them unconstitutional.

The Lockport stockbroker has gotten 40 people in pony up $100 each to launch a lawsuit challenging the legality of grants, discounts, tax breaks and the like made by state and local government in the name of economic development.

"Any kind of welfare, I'm against," he said.

Bordeleau got noticed last year when he paid for a billboard on Route 78 in Lockport calling attention to Niagara County's status at the time as the highest-taxed county in the nation based on a percentage of housing value. In recent months, he's been working the media in an effort to find people willing to invest in the lawsuit. His goal was 40. Mission accomplished.

"We're going to do it, we're going forward," he said. "This is something that needs to be done."

Bordeleau said he expects the suit to be filed by the middle of July. James Ostrowski, the self-described lawyer, writer and anti-politican, is his attorney.

Stay tuned.


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