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Buffalo Pundit on Illuzzi and Hoyt

The Buffalo Pundit has a very intelligent post today on Joe Illuzzi's outing of Sam Hoyt's extra-marital affairs three years after the fact and three weeks before the heated Democratic primary.

Opines the Pundit:

The whole lurid story even made its way to the pages of the New York Times. Today, Illuzzi is a bit on defense because the stories of his criminal past have popped up all over, in the Times article and on Beach’s show yesterday. People are attacking his credibility, which is all well and good, but beside the point since no one is disputing the truth of the affairs.

In my opinion, unless the women were interns at the time of their affair with Hoyt, there’s nothing to see here. If they were both adults, the affairs were consensual, and he had no power or authority over them, then it’s a personal matter between Hoyt and his family and shouldn’t be fodder for chatter. Hoyt’s political life should rise and fall based on his results in Albany, not on where he drops his pants. Certainly it’s a moral failing on his part, and some voters may decide that he is unelectable based on that, and I understand that, and that’s fair. I’m not saying the stories shouldn’t have been published. What I am saying is that we really don’t need to be treated to all the titillating details, and we really don’t need to see the actual emails. There’s a fine line between publishing newsworthy information and piling on.

Furthermore, I think Kavanaugh should have come out much more forcefully to her opponent’s defense. As I indicated, this information was undoubtedly released by Hoyt’s biggest foes, and it was done to fatally injure him as a candidate, all to Kavanaugh’s benefit. If she sincerely feels so sad about what’s been done to Hoyt and his family, she should have said that she wants to talk about issues; she should have denounced Illuzzi, with whom she has an extra-large, prominent advertisement.

What do you think?


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