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Wilmers using M&T to screen job candidates

The Albany Times Union has an interesting story on how Bob Wilmers is using his M&T Bank to vet job candidates for top jobs at the Empire State Development Corp., which he heads as chairman.

Reports the paper:

The search for a new CEO for the state office and two other ESDC managers -- chief operating officers for upstate and downstate -- seems to be treated like a bank function.

Besides the unusual arrangement of a public-sector agency director reporting to a private-sector business leader, the candidates for the three top posts are sending their job search materials to the bank, which also does business with ESDC.

The candidates are interviewing through the bank's human resources department, and even submitting to personality tests that bank job applicants undergo.

Wilmers has already effectively farmed out media relations to M&T. When I've called to try to schedule an interview with Wilmers, the ESD spokesperson has referred me to the M&T press operation. Wilmers, by the way, isn't doing a whole lot of interviews. I'm among those waiting.


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