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Double-checking Golisano's math

Bob McCarthy reports in today's News that Tom Golisano's Responsible New York spent $4.4 million this election season on State Senate and Assembly candidates.  He dropped $760,000 on winning Senate candidates and $2.3 million on losers. Then there's a boatload he dropped -- maybe a half-million, the public record makes it hard to make a precise calculation -- on behalf of Barbra Kavanaugh in an effort to oust Sam Hoyt in the September primary for the 144th Assembly seat.

That means Golisano and his sidekick Steve Pigeon spent nearly $4 on losing candidates for every $1 they invested in a winner, at least among his major investments.

I'm not sure I'd want to take this guy with me to bet on the ponies.

I mean, among the Senate horses he bet at least $100,000 on, he backed two winners and four losers. Plus Hoyt in the Assembly.

Golisano thinks he's standing in the winner's circle, however.

Ask to assess his performance, Golisano told McCarthy he thought he hit "a solid double; maybe a triple.”

Golisano also said he was OK with the tactics used against Hoyt. He deemed as necessary what many consider to be gutter-level attacks and said, "It bothers me that people think it was sort of vicious."


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