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GOP braces for Senate staff cuts

This from the very good Capital Confidential political blog of the Albany Times Union:

(Senate) policy staffers expect that only 1 out of 5 will remain in their job in the new year, according to a source familiar with the announcement.

That's what a changeover from Republican to Democratic control will get you. Let's see how many staff the Dems hire. The Legislature certainly has room to downsize.

The Legislature's highest-paid staffer isn't waiting for the axe.

Steve Bogess, longtime secretary of the Senate, is retiring this year, in time to make a career of lobbying (ethics rules would require him to take two years off before lobbying if he retired after Dec. 30).

Speaking of good political blogs, check out Daily Politics from Elizabeth Benjamin of the New York Daily News.

PS: Check back Monday for my next new posting. I'll be enjoying a long Thanksgiving weekend in the meantime. Hope you enjoy your holiday.


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