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Greening Buffalo - an interview

Last month I did a story contrasting green efforts by city governments in Niagara Falls and Buffalo. I also did a companion video report and blog post.

One of the key interviews I did for the story involved Sam Magavern, an instructor at the University at Buffalo Law School, co-author of "Greening Buffalo: What Local Governments Can Do" and a leader in the Partnership for the Public Good. The video above features a 13:47 invterview with Magavern. Good stuff if you're interested enough in the topic to sit through it.

Among the key points made by Magavern, in a series of telephone and video interviews about what's going on and not going on in Buffalo:

"I think we're still substantially behind most peer cities. If you look at a Milwaukee, a Cincinnati, they've got a lot more going on."

"We need to set measurable targets and set strategies to achieve them."

"There are a lot of things you can do that are low cost or actually save you money in the end."

Tomorrow I'll post a full-length interview with Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster.


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