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Greening Niagara Falls -- an interview

I recently used the word "politician" in describing Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster to someone. I was swiftly admonished.

"He is NOT a politician!"

Ah, OK, he's a college professor, arms negotiator, small business owner, environmentalist, doctor of international law and studies and, well, elected official. Will that do? Is it enough to make you want to listen to him hold court for 14:20 on his vision for greening Niagara Falls. He knows his stuff.

This video was shot to accompany a story I did last month contrasting green efforts by city governments in Niagara Falls and Buffalo. I also did a companion video report and blog post.

Among the points Dyster made in a series of interviews:

"Green has to permeate every aspect of your decision-making. It's a different paradigm of looking at public policy."

"The cities that are the most nimble in addressing the challenges of their day will become more prosperous. Those that lag on this issue are going to find themselves increasingly impoverished."

And, although this is not a direct quote, stop squandering hydropower on fading industries and instead use it to develop renewable energy businesses.

Right on, Mr. Mayor, right on. Even if you are that "P" word. Or not.

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