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My version of Hot Stove League

New_yankee_stadium_3The baseball season may be over, but controversy about the public subsidies for Yankee Stadium continue.

Clawback, the blog of Good Jobs First, has a good roundup of the latest developments, including a take out by the New York Times on the deals for both the Yankees and Mets.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press is reporting the Yankees are having a hard time moving all their suites because of the economy.

Given the state's fiscal condition, this could be the last big stadium/arena project for a good, long while. Besides, what is left to build?

Some of you might say a replacement for Ralph Wilson Stadium at some point in the future. Yeah, it's 35 years old, and it's modest by NFL standards. And yes, the team's lease expires in 2012. But it's not gonna happen.

State Sen. Antoine Thompson has floated a new stadium idea a couple of times and it's gone nowhere. The idea of using precious waterfront real estate may have something to do with it. But the notion of sinking well in excess of a half-billion-dollars into a facility used 10 times a year doesn't make a lot of sense, at least not here.

Yeah, it makes sense in Dallas and New York, where you can sell suites and seat licenses at top-top dollar. WNY just doesn't have the corporate base to pull it off.


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