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Senator Higgins?

It's looking more and more likely Hillary Clinton will be vacating her U.S. Senate seat.

And it's becoming more and more apparent that Brian Higgins is drawing serious interest as her possible replacement, if the talk of the chattering class is any indication. The argument that it's upstate's time for a statewide office appears to be gaining traction.

This is not to say Higgins is going to get the appointment. But perhaps it's time to kick around the pros and cons and implications of a Higgins appointment.

I'll start.

Pro: Western New York gets a strong voice in the statewide political apparatus.

Con: He could wind up losing the seat to a downstater as soon as it comes up for election, short-circuiting a promising career in the Congress.

Implication: A lot of musical chairs at the local level as pols scramble for his Congressional seat, with the winner creating a void that is filled by someone who creates yet antoher void. And so on.

Kind of obvious stuff, I'll admit. But I want to start on conversation. To further lubricate the conversation, here's an online poll. One vote per reader, please.


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