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A map says 1,000 words

For those celebrating the ascension of the Democrats into the Senate majority, check out out this map.

Long story short, there are five -- count 'em, five -- state senators from upstate, including two from the Buffalo area, Antoine Thompson and Bill Stachowski.

Downstate, meanwhile, has 27 senators in the majority.


Hmmm, let me guess, where will their priorities lie?

Meanwhile, new Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith has appointed members to a committee to consider reforms. Lots of folks from New York City. Some from upstate, no one closer to us than Elmira. The blog post, from the Albany Times Union has some interesting details on what the Dems have in mind.

Here's another story on reform efforts from a relatively new blog called Politicker NY. It's pretty good.

The NY Daily Balance, source of the aforementioned map, reports how one proponent of Senate reform decided to take the money and run. This blog packs a punch.

Finally, the Buffalo Pundit rifs off the same map today and floats an idea.


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