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Carolyn, not Caroline

Look, I don't expect a Congressional member from Manhattan to know all the local ins-and-outs. But at times it was kind of painful listening to Carolyn Maloney during her visit to Buffalo today (Saturday) to raise the visibility of the non-campaign to succeed Hillary Clinton.

She spoke of the importance of the auto plant in To-wan-da.

Ah, Madame Congresswomen, it's Tonawanda. And yes, I realize it's a mouthful.

Then she mentioned a need to help the Buffalo Niagara Health Campus.

No, it's the Medical Campus.

Let's not forget that all-important priority, expanding the Peace Bridge from two to four lanes.

No, actually, the bridge already has three lanes and the issue is construction of a companion span.

Carolyn_maloney Maloney (pictured at left, shot at the downtown library today by Harry Scull) said she doesn't sense the locals necessarily want someone from upstate to succeed Hillary.

"The people I've spoken with are most concerned about what you can do to help the economy in Buffalo," she said.

Well, that's not exactly true, and if you want to make the case you're a downstater who gets it, well, perhaps you should brush up before you head this way.

To be fair, Maloney has some solid credentials, unlike Caroline Kennedy, which means she could get the Senate job, particularly if Gov. Paterson decides credentials are an important consideration - and celebrity is not.

No one less than the esteemed Nicholas Kristof, the Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times columnist with the best social consciousness of anyone in the business, said Maloney deserves serious consideration, asking the question in a recent column:

If Governor Paterson wants to replace Hillary Clinton with another woman, how about Carolyn rather than Caroline?

I'll also give Maloney credit for fielding questions from the public for some 90 minutes at a session at the downtown library sponsored by Be The Change New York. Unlike you know who, whose visit here was limited to private talks with politicians and incidental contact with reporters.

If you want to know more about Maloney, read this, this, this and this, just in from the New York Post.

And for the latest on you know who, go here and here.


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