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Blogging the new year

I've been an avid newspaper reader since I was old enough to read. I grew up in a house where papers were everywhere. We subscribed to The Buffalo News and the Courier-Express. Every day my father brought home from work the New York Times and the New York Post (long before Murdoch got his hands on it). My family had a summer home in Canada, so the Toronto dailies, starting with the Toronto Star, were also staples.

I still read a lot of papers, The News, of course, and I subscribe to The Times, which I find indispensable. And I still pick up the Toronto papers on a regular basis.

But the past couple of years, I find myself reading blogs more than I do online editions of daily newspapers. A lot of them are focused on new media, while others deal with topics I cover. I thought I'd share a few of my favorites that cover the spectrum.

Politico has emerged as a leading source of national political news. RealClearPolitics provides a great index of political coverage. Political blogs published by the New York Daily News and Albany Times Union offer daily digests with links to state political news.

The Buffalo Pundit is the best local political blog. Other local blogs worth a look are Fix Buffalo Today, Niagara Times and Buffalo Rising. And I'm kind of partial to the University Heights Answer Lady.

AlterNet, which is actually a Web site with blogs, provides a good cross-section of left-of-center news and opinion. Sorry, I have no right-wing companion. My readers will be shocked - shocked! - at this.

I've raved before about Gristmill, the environmental blog. DotEarth from the Times is pretty good, too.

SeeThroughNY is great for looking up how the state spends your tax dollars.

AllTop is a really nifty site I recently discovered. Pick a topic and it will give you the most-recent posts from a range of online publications.

I haven't been a fan of Tina Brown, but I like what she's doing with her Daily Beast. Pretty innovative.

If you're interested in media, Jim Romenesko produces a daily digest that a lot of reporters read religiously, Newspaper Death Watch chronicles the demise of the industry and BuzzMachine points the way to the future. All highly recommended for those into such things.

Completely off point, fellow New York Yankee fans will enjoy Sliding Into Home. For hockey fans, Kukla's Korner provides a good daily digest of coverage and James Mirtle is the best of the hockey bloggers.

But enough from me. What are your favorites? I'm especially interested in blogs that make sense of the economic meltdown and bailout.


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