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Good thing Chris Collins isn't political

A few odds & ends:

The Erie County IDA is poised to change lawyers after a push from County Executive Chris Collins to solicit requests for proposals. The agency's governance board voted to drop Hurwitz & Fine, which has had the work for 18 years, in favor of Harris Beach.

“Harris Beach was far and away the most experienced of any of the respondees,” Collins said.

Harris Beach is also regarded as a "Republican" firm, whose stable of attorneys include Henry Wojtaszek, chairman of the Niagara County Republican Party.

Good thing Collins isn't a "politician" or I'd have my suspicions.

Meanwhile, residents are continuing to flee the Great Lakes region, including New York, a study by United Van Lines shows. The analysis of move-ins vs. move-outs shows the Empire State has one of the highest move-out rates in the nation, 55 percent. Then again, we're not nearly as bad off as Michigan.

The historical data pulled from United's migration study over the past 32 years shows an overall outbound trend for the Great Lakes region. Michigan (67.1%) again captured the top outbound spot, a title held since 2006. Indiana (57%) also earned the distinction of being a high-outbound state, continuing a 15-year trend. Other Great Lakes states that made the high-outbound list were New York (55.1%) and Illinois (57.2%), both of which have been outbound states since the survey was established in 1977.

Nothing surprising here, but worth noting.

I found the United Van Lines item on a site I just stumbled on called It bills itself as a "daily update of new reports from government agencies, ngo’s, think tanks, and other groups."

For those of you into such things, it's a site worth trying out.



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