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Albany shortchanging Buffalo?

Mayor Byron Brown says the state needs to do more for Buffalo.

This budget year, Albany will provide Buffalo with 42 percent of the money it spends on basic operations  -- up from 32 percent in 2001. State aid totals $181.5 million.

Aid from Albany will also provide the city school system with three-quarters of its operating budget, with state aid topping half a billion dollars, nearly $575 million.

In all, state aid to City Hall and the Board of Education is $755 million this year. As in, three-quarters of a billion dollars. (Here are more details.)

When Albany authorizes Empire Zones -- the state's primary economic development tool -- it almost always limits their size to no more than two square miles. Empire Zones in Buffalo total four square miles.

The mayor is is right. The state of Vermont needs to give more to Buffalo. Ohio, too.

In the meantime, I think the mayor may have a future in motion pictures. (The first 13 seconds of the clip covers it.)



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