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What is the guv thinking?

Gov. David Paterson -- the would-be budget slasher -- "charged taxpayers more than $23,000 in lodging and travel for him, his wife and five staffers to attend the Obama inauguration in Washington, D.C.," the Albany Times Union is reporting.

Included in the tab were four nights in a hotel going for $1,280 a night and use of a state plane.


Elsewhere, the New York Times has a reader on Paterson's tenure in office thus far, which includes this tid bit.

Since Nov. 12, after calling for accelerated action on the state’s budget, the governor has spent about a third of his time in the capital, and only 14 full weekdays, according to a review of his public schedule.

Hey, why slum it in Albany when he's got us paying for $1,280-a-night digs in D.C.?


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