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New York in la-la land

Meanwhile, back in dysfunctional New York State ...

Fiscal crisis? What fiscal crisis? It turns out Gov. Paterson granted some 70 employees raises in secret. Here's the table with the details.

Baby, they can drive our cars: A dozen GOP Assembly members and their staff enjoy state-issued cars, while four from the Democratic side of the aisle do, according to this Albany Times Union story. In the Senate, meanwhile, Dems are driving six taxpayer-supported cars -- including Bill Stachowski of Buffalo -- and Republicans three. The Buffalo Pundit has a photo of the Stachsmobile.

Who, us? The state's public employee unions say taxpayers should not consider their wages and benefits when they talk about shared sacrifice.

You can look it up: The Journal News, in the Lower Hudson region, has a lookup table of shovel-ready sites potentially eligible for federal stimulus money. You can search by county.

Not depressed enough? Read the daily outrages at Public Payroll Watch.


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