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More on UB salaries

Well, yesterday's post certainly got a lot of people's attention, my traffic counter tells me. So let's delve a little deeper.

To recap, William Greiner, the former University at Buffalo president, is making $225,000 to teach one law course. And he's not the only former administrator turned part-time professor raking in big bucks.

Ub, hayes hallThis has been going on for some time. Back in 2005, my colleague Steve Watson did a takeout showing that 16 former administrators had returned to teaching at UB while retaining most of their pay. Their average salary was almost $170,000.

Some blog readers yesterday posted insightful comments, including the Answer Lady, who publishes a nifty blog about University Heights that recently dealt with the issue of high pay at U.B.

Said the Answer Lady:

In 2003-04 UB had 12 employees earning $200,000 or more in state salary, but by the start of 2005-06, that number had risen to 29. From SeeThroughNY – in 2008 there are 39 UB employees with salaries over $200K.

In 2008, there were over 500 people at UB making over $100,000 a year. Their salaries add up to $69,702,083 and this is before health insurance, Social Security and those cushy state pensions are factored in


In her blog post, the Answer Lady noted that relatively few, some 15 percent, of those making over $100,000 live in the city. She also trotted out Census data that shows the neighborhood around the Downtown Medical Campus, which has a major UB presence, hasn't trickled down to the neighborhood, where one in four residents live in poverty and one in five properties are vacant.

Several others who posted comments on my blog yesterday made good points. Lots of intelligent submissions, the kind I like to see. And thanks to the reader who tipped me off to the stories in The Spectrum.

There is a relatively new concept in journalism called "crowdsourcing"  which involves reporters turning to readers for assistance in collecting and analyzing information. It's based on the thought that "our readers know more than we do," which is quite true in the collective sense.

I'd like to start experimenting with crowdsourcing with baby steps like readers submitting links and informed comments. I guess we're already doing that. What the Answer Lady did above, looking up UB salaries on SeeThroughNY and then sharing her findings is a good example.

So, let's get to work, people. Anyone want to figure out the average salary of full-time professors at UB,   which I'm sure is a lot less than the former administrators I wrote about Monday? Or how about the number of staff at Buffalo State making over $100,000?

Update: A reader has culled this information from the Chronicle of Higher Education:

Average salaries at UB:
Prof - 119,400
Assoc Prof - 83,300
Asst Prof - 66,600

Another reader provides this link to the data.



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