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Obama, take four

Obama wants to ...

  • raise taxes on the rich

  • tax excessive carbon emissions

  • revamp defense spending

  • stop raiding medical marijuana facilities, and

  • once again allow the photographing of the coffins of returning dead American soldiers.

I'd say he's batting 5 for 5.

At least that's the view from 10,000 feet. (I reserve the right to snipe later.)

Already, there's whining about "class warfare." To which I say:


The working class has been under siege since Ronald Reagan mistook ketchup for a vegetable for the Contras for freedom fighters. 

I'm not ready to declare Obama a working class hero, but heck, I'll use it as a flimsy excuse to toss up a video.

Hit it, Billie Joe.

Here are some links with the details behind the headlines:

Politico on the big picture.

Chicago Tribune on carbon cap and trade.

Gristmill on green components of the budget.

More Gristmill.

Associated Press on the impact on the rich.

LA Times with a budget primer in Q&A format.

NY Times on military spending and priorities.

NY Times on health care.

Washington Post on the Republican budget reaction.

NY Times on photographing coffins.

Alternet on no more pot busts.

Weigh in, people. I know you will.

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