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$225,000 to teach one class

William Greiner was making $235,000 as president of the University at Buffalo. He stepped down in 2004 and does a little teaching. Right now he's teaching one class at the law school and is making $225,000.

He's not alone. 

John Naughton, the former dean of medicine and vice president for clinical affairs, is making $310,263 as a professor, 12 years removed from his administrative posts.

Former Vice Provost Kerry S. Grant makes $174,254 to teach two classes. That's more than double the salary of the chairman of the music department he works in.

The Spectrum, UB's student newspaper reported these findings last week, along with a pretty weak comeback by school administrators in today's edition.

Reported the Spectrum:

At a time when students are facing sudden tuition increases and poor post-graduation career opportunities, some UB professors are raking in more cash than ever before for positions they no longer hold ...

 "These people are getting paid for positions that they no longer hold," said Gerald Finnegan, a professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance. "I'm sure they've done some very honorable things, but the whole process is very repugnant." 

 Gee, ya think?



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