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Less green, more broke

Some random reports ...

Green, we ain't: There are several rating systems that assess the energy efficiency and/or green qualities of buildings. I wrote about LEED standards last April, reporting that the Buffalo Niagara region has relatively few buildings designed and constructed to those standards.

Another indicator is based on the Energy Star rating system, which just issued new data showing where buildings meeting those standards are located. Some 3,305 buildings nationwide made the grade in 2008. There are 128 in New York State, including 13 in Rochester, eight in Albany and -- a drum roll, please -- one in Buffalo, a facility the VA built on Bailey Avenue. There's another one in Williamsville and one other in Attica.

That gives us all of three in the region.

By contrast, the Detroit region has 65, Milwaukee 62 and Grand Rapids -- Grand Rapids! -- 42.

Here's the complete list

Poorer we are:  Federal bankruptcies nationwide rose 31 percent last year. Big surprise, huh?

Our per capita rate In New York was 2.42 per 1,000, better than the national average of 3.62.  

Poorer we are II: The lead on this story says it all:

 New York state, in the final quarter of 2008, lost over 25 percent of the jobs it had gained since the last downturn, a statistic that reveals the deepening recession, the labor department said on Thursday.

This means 110,300 people working at private companies lost their jobs in just three months.

Hmmmm: For those of you interested in such things, the U.S. Department of State is maintaining a map tracking the travels of Hillary. Gee, ya think Hillary has a tracker on Bubba?

Double hmmmm: A blogger called Street Corner Conservative has this latest missive on Richard Kessel, head of the New York Power Authority, and the move by the governor and Legislature raiding his shop for big bucks to help bail out the state budget. Read into it what you want. The post left me wondering if Kessel wasn't grimacing on the inside as the Three Men in the Room made off with the cash.

Perhaps, like me, he thinks the three could at least have had the decency of wearing ski masks.


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