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Of firefighters, fast trains and guvs gone wild

Question: What's the difference between the fat bonuses paid by AIG and the fat pensions paid by state and local governments here in New York?

Answer: The federal government is acting to tax the bonuses at 90 percent, while New York state makes the pensions tax free. We suckers who work in the private sector, on the other hand, pay state income taxes on our pensions after the first $20,000.


I kinda like what Andrew Cuomo is doing with the AIG bonus mess, but Eliot Spitzer is not impressed. Says Andrew is missing the bigger picture.

Meanwhile, AIG gave state Dems $100,000 two weeks before Gov. Paterson said he helped broker a deal to provide AIG with a $85 million loan.

Those crazy guvs - past and present tense.

Spitzer deserved to go, but can you imagine the fun he'd be having with the AIGs of the world if he still ruled the roost? Could we bring him back as a special prosecutor? I'm pretty sure the tabloids in NYC would be willing to foot the bill.


The General Accounting Office has release a report entitled High Speed Passenger Rail: Future Development Will Depend on Addressing Financial and Other Challenges and Establishing a Clear Federal Role.

Yeah, I know, sounds like a real barn burner.  But at 108 pages, there must be something in there worth knowing.

Anyone want to do a book report for us?




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