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Councilman Brian Davis, deadbeat

What do you call someone whose driver's license is suspended and campaign accounts are frozen, whose wages are garnished and who has been the subject of 10 liens and lawsuits.

Well, if you live in the Ellicott District, you would call him "Councilman."

Brian davis Brian C. Davis had a couple of financial problems when he was younger, but they've escalated since he took office in 2002. While he's got a reputation on the Council as being personable and even-tempered, public records and interviews reveal another side, someone with a history of avoiding his financial obligations and making himself scarce when the bill comes due.

You can find the details in Sunday's Buffalo News.

It will be interesting to see how Mayor Byron Brown, a political ally, and Davis' colleagues on the Council respond. The revelations certainly do not reflect well on City Hall. 

It also will be worth watching whether Buffalo police and District Attorney Frank Sedita III start asking questions again regarding allegations that Davis wrote -and bounced - a check to pay the rent at the Delaware Avenue restaurant that a city development agency loaned money to. Authorities decided in February to treat the bounced check as a civil matter, but as my story shows, Davis has a history in this regard.



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