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A blogging fool for a year and counting

For what it's worth, this week marks a year since I started blogging for The News.

I've written about 340 posts, which have prompted some 2,700 reader comments and about 355,000 page views. I'm averaging about 2,000 page views a weekday, about quadruple when I first started Outrages & Insights.

Imagine that, growth in the newspaper industry.

I'm having a blast. Who knew that a vital component to journalism involved finding the right video on YouTube to drive home a point?

During my career, I've always looked to ride the next wave. Computer-assisted reporting back in the '80s and '90s, blogging and other forms of new media today.

Two weeks ago I started posting tweets on Twitter. If you want to follow me, go here and sign on.

Roland hedley Don't worry, I don't bore people with what I'm having for lunch. I mostly give a heads-up to my latest blog post, although I'm hoping to broaden my horizons soon.

Work with me, people. I've got to catch up to Roland Hedley.

(Editor's note: We tried to message those commenting below, but since they didn't give valid e-mail addresses, we'll say it here: The News expects to have commenting on all stories within the next month. We're looking forward to it. Forums will soon follow.)


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