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NYPA boss on profits and wind power

In the spirit of getting with the new media thing, I've composed this post to include seven audio clips of a conversation Richard Kessel, president of the New York Power Authority, had Wednesday with The Buffalo News' editorial board. I sat in.

Anyone who has heard Kessel in action knows he's capable of rambling on for 20 minutes without taking so much as a single breath and our chat the other day was no different. So, as an act of mercy, I'm presenting the highlights of the interview.

Kessel outlines the authority's plans to develop an off-shore windmill farm in Western New York and concedes that Rep. Brian Higgins is right in asserting the Power Authority should be returning to the region profits from the sale of unused power earmarked for local industry.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Richard Kessel on the following:

Higgins demand to retain profits in WNY, along with Gil Quiniones, the authority's chief operating officer.

Feasibility of wind power.

Getting windmill farm operating within five years.

WNY's wind power potential.

New York's renewable energy plans.

Timing is good for wind energy initiatives.

Potential for wind power to generate jobs.

This is an experiment for me, readers. Tell me what you think of this audio approach.


New York Power Authority
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