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Brian Davis: Staying or going?

There's been speculation as to whether Brian Davis will leave the Common Council now that his record of fiscal irresponsibility has been documented.

My take: Davis isn't going anywhere, so long as his mysterious health issues don't force him to resign.


Mayor Byron Brown can't afford to let it happen.

If Davis were to step down, Democratic committeemen in the Ellicott District would nominate a replacement to the Council, which would have the final say. Committeemen aligned with the mayor used to control most of the seats in the district, but I'm told it's a toss up these days, making it uncertain they would nominate a successor to the mayor's liking.

Even if they did, five of what would be the Council's remaining eight members are on the outs with Brown, meaning they are unlikely to select someone aligned with the mayor.

Make that "highly unlikely." Adding another anti-Brown vote to the Council would give those aligned against Brown a 6-3 veto-proof majority.

Brown is lying low on the Davis controversy. No public pronouncements that I'm aware of, and Peter Cutler, his spokesman, said he saw no reason for the boss to comment when I called a couple of weeks ago.


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