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Brian Davis' problems continue

Seems there's more to the story about Brian Davis than him ...

Violating state election law and having his accounts frozen.

Losing his driver's license while his parking space across from City Hall continues to be used.

Being sued by the state for unpaid taxes.

Getting hauled into Small Claims Court five times.

Being the subject of five liens from creditors.

Having his wages garnished by two parties.

Getting investigated by Buffalo police on allegations he wrote a bad check to cover the rent of a now-failed restaurant launched with the help of city loans.

What more could there be?

Well, I reported in my original investigation that Davis graduated with a degree in political science from Trinity College. I took the information off his official biography on City Hall's Web site. (Don't bother checking out the site now; the city removed the bio shortly after my story ran).

I got a call the day the story ran -- early in the morning, actually -- from a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., who expressed a strong hunch that Davis did not graduate from the old alma mater.

I called the college's alumni office and found out that, sure enough, no Brian C. Davis with his date of birth ever graduated from the school.

In fact, no Brian Davis ever graduated from the college, period.


Well, I figured I had better call all the colleges in the country that have "Trinity" in their name. When you factor out nursing schools, seminaries and community colleges, there are a grand total of 10. I called 'em all.

They all had the same thing to say: Our Brian Davis did not graduate from their school.

With this information in hand, I e-mail Davis on Tuesday asking him to clarify.

You have stated you earned a degree in political science from Trinity College, but none of the colleges in the country that have "Trinity" in their name say you attended, much less graduated, from their institution. Care to explain?

I followed up by calling his office and his cell phone and sending more e-mails. Numerous times Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Finally, he sent me an e-mail at 4:21 p.m. that starts out:

In response to your message on where I received my degree. It was Trinity College.

I responded with an e-mail that essentially said "that's not enough information, we need to talk."

I have contacted every college and university in the nation with Trinity in its name, and none say you are a graduate. So I need you to be specific about which Trinity College you are a graduate of. The formal name and city would suffice.

I'm still waiting for a response.

Meanwhile Wednesday, Council President Dave Franczyk sat down with his two colleagues in leadership positions and an attorney from the law department in an effort to determine what, if anything, the Council can do regarding Davis. A legal opinion was requested.

The Council has been hands off so far, and the city ethics board indicated likewise on Tuesday.

Franczyk acknowledged that many of his colleagues are "uncomfortable" over the prospect of an inquiry.

"It's a situation people would prefer would just go away, he said.

But it's not, and Franczyk realizes that. In fact, more shoes could drop in the weeks and months ahead.

Franczyk has asked Davis to hold a press conference to address questions surrounding his conduct, but Davis has not taken him up on that advice. Instead, he's remained largely mum. 

These days, it's a deafening silence.


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