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Our guys are playing it safe

A small but growing number of Democrats in the State Senate are using their party's razor-thin majority to advance the interests of their hometowns, reports The New York Times.

First came the Three Amigos, a group of Senate Democrats from Brooklyn and the Bronx who insisted that no deal to bail out the Metropolitan Transportation Authority include tolls on East River or Harlem River bridges.

Then came the Long Island Two, a pair of Democrats, recently elected to historically Republican seats, who objected to a payroll tax in the plan.

Finally, there was the North Country One: a lone Democrat who demanded that any plan to save subways and buses downstate also guarantee money for roads and bridges upstate.

Note who is not mentioned: Bill Stachowski and Antoine Thompson, our hometown state senators.

Great. Just our luck. We've got "team players."

It's gotten them lulus, and Stachs a car, but what, exactly, has it gotten their constituents?


State government
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