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Buffalo reporting crime info -- sort of

After a long wait, Buffalo police are now posting crime information online. However, in keeping with the department's recent history of trying to limit the public's right to know what is going on in the city's neighborhoods, the department is putting up only the most skeletal of information.

All you'll find out, on a limited number of crimes, is the block the crime occurred on and the most general of descriptions of the crime, usually a word or two like "theft" or "assault."

The police have the ability to provide citizens much more useful information while still protecting legitimate privacy rights. But, as I have reported over the course of the past year, the department since Mayor Bryon Brown took office has been making less, not more crime information available to the press, and therefore, the public.

Going online gives the mayor and his department a reason to say they're providing more info, and in one sense, that's true. But the police could be providing much more.


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