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Coup dividend for Golisano

As Tom Golisano has learned this week, you win some (last week's coup) and you lose some (this week's counter-coup).  Kind of like the playoffs -- when his Buffalo Sabres makes them.

Golisano can chalk up as a win the actions, or inaction, of the state Board of Elections Monday, as reported by my colleague Matt Spina.

A Democrat on the state Board of Elections accuses the board’s Republicans of backing off on a potential investigation into the actions of B. Thomas Golisano and G. Steven Pigeon during last year’s state legislative races.

Douglas A. Kellner said the commissioners, meeting behind closed doors last month, had agreed to refer the complaints to the Albany County district attorney for potential criminal prosecution. Agency lawyers even met with the prosecutors on the matter.

But when the commissioners met Monday, their decision was recalled in hazier terms.

You could see this one coming. Golisano becomes the GOP's new best friend and all of a sudden, the Republican commissioners on the Board of Elections have selective memory loss.


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