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Yahoo! continued

The Buffalo Geek has some salient thoughts on the apparent decision by Yahoo! to locate a server farm (1) in WNY and (2) in Lockport.

Says the Geek:

As I described last month, if a data center project of this scope is properly sited and planned, it can have a positive multiplier effect on the local economy.  Yahoo! is building these regional data centers to support their plans in the cloud computing space and the potential for independent application development firms and support industry is quite lucrative with this business model.

Placing the data center in Lockport, away from the academic clusters and other related industry limits the potential for spinoff, such as it is.  While Lockport is a much better choice than Pembroke or Cambria, I wonder why New York State did not encourage Yahoo! to locate its facility in the urban core of Buffalo or Niagara Falls or even Amherst. 

Oh, wait…I know!  It’s because we don’t have a plan.  Practicing ad hoc economic development is no way to go through life, guys.  Here’s a lesson for local leaders, if you’re going to give away over $1MM in incentives per job created, you have the responsibility and right to dictate some of the criteria for site selection.

The Geek is right -- this region does not have a plan, or a strategy, when it comes to economic development. What it does have is a lot of businesses getting tax breaks and big power discounts because, well, they're there for the taking.  


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