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A know nothing theme at City Hall

On May 26, in the wake of a Buffalo News investigation into the city's role in the failed One Sunset restaurant, we reported on Mayor Byron Brown's response.

Two weeks ago, BERC President Brian Reilly informed Brown he was launching an internal review of the agency to assess its handling of One Sunset. Would the inside probe have been launched even if The Buffalo News hadn't been seeking documents and other information? Brown said he didn't know the answer to that question.

On Monday, reacting to my story about one of his commissioners e-mailing her employees about working on the mayor's re-election campaign, Brown said:

“I did not know the e-mails went out when they did.” 

In today's paper, we report on the mayor's reaction to my story about changes in health insurance options at the city's major economic development agency made late last year that allowed its president to obtain health insurance for his live-in girlfriend:

 Brown said neither he nor other members of BERC's board were aware of the changes in insurance coverage until recently.

Anyone see a pattern here?


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