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We're No. 3 - again

We interrupt this broadcast of another Byron Brown campaign commercial proclaiming Buffalo's revival for this Census update.

Buffalo has lost a larger share of its population this decade than all but two cities in the nation, if you factor out New Orleans. Ya know, Katrina and all that, and the Big Easy is gaining population again.

Buffalo has lost 7.4 percent of its population, trailing only Flint (down 9.6%) and Cleveland (9.2%)

Let's see, we're the third-poorest city our size in the nation and we're also No. 3 when it comes to population loss among all cities of 100,000 or more.

We're down about 22,000 residents since the start of the decade, with more than 4,000 voting with their feet since Brown took office. Here are the details.

In fairness to the mayor, the bleeding has slowed somewhat since he took office in 2006, although it's hardly reason to proclaim victory as he has been doing on the campaign trail.

Buffalo now ranks as the nation's 69th largest city, with a population of 270,919.

By comparison, our 7.4 percent drop this decade compares with increases of 4.4 percent in New York City and 2.9 percent in Yonkers, and decreases of 0.8 percent in Albany, 5.7 percent in Syracuse and 5.9 percent in Rochester.

Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Binghamton account for four of 11 cities experiencing the biggest losses as a percentage of their population in the nation.

Meanwhile, back in Albany, the food fight in the Senate continues. Fiddle on, boys - there's less and less left to burn.

To put it in further perspective, Buffalo has lost population this decade at more than twice the rate of Detroit.



This calls for a topical song.

Hey, I've got one.

Something having to do with a city replaced by parking spaces.

Hit it, Chrissie.


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