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Chris Collins won't see the humor in this

I got a chuckle out of this -- and I think you will, too -- even if the county executive won't.

The University Heights Answer Lady, a blogger who reserves most of her wrath for the city and UB officials, has launched something she calls the Chris Collins Temper Tantrum Watch.

She says Collins governs in the belief "anger is a management tool," and I've got to admit, she may have a point.

The Answer Lady notes, among other things, the administration's stonewalling of Justice Department efforts to investigate inmate abuse at the county jail, the county executive's strong-arming of cultural groups by demanding seats on their boards in exchange for funding, and Collins' refusal to send staff to deal with county legislators on issues such as renewable energy.

As the Answer Lady says: "Check back often. No doubt, more tantrums coming soon."


Local Government
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